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Reseller Agreement

Reseller desires to enter into this agreement, subject to the terms and conditions set forth below, to purchase the Products from CliC Goggles, Inc. for its marketing, distribution and sale.  For purposes of this Agreement, the term “products” shall mean any eyewear provided to Reseller from CliC Goggles, Inc. including Slastik Eyewear and Vunetic Eyewear.

CliC Goggles, Inc., owns the exclusive rights of both the CliC and Slastik tradename and all CliC and Slastik patents, trademarks, designs, and logos (the “Licensed IP”) in North America.  CliC has granted you an exclusive, non-assignable, right to use the Licensed IP in the ordinary course of your business, including in any URL you use (“License”). 

The use of the Licensed IP is restricted to you, for and in your business of selling CliC and Slastik eyewear.  This License shall remain in place for as long as you are a reseller for CliC Goggles, Inc.  If that relationship terminates, this License will immediately end as well, and all rights to the Licensed IP, the use of the CliC and Slastik name, and its use in any URL, shall immediately cease. At that time, you agree to stop all use of the CliC and Slastik name and its Licensed IP, including in an URL.

CliC “products” are to be sold in retail stores and proprietary website only.  The use of the CliC/Slastik or CliC/Slastik tradename in the URL or online advertising prohibits the use of other competing products on that URL.  CliC “products” that are purchased for resale in the USA can only be sold or shipped in the USA.  Any resellers that are selling or shipping to any other countries are prohibited and will lose their reseller status.

CliC “products” are not to be sold on any online marketplace (Amazon, Ebay,,,,, Best, etc.)   CliC Goggles, Inc. has discretion to seek penalties and may immediately terminate any oral and/or written agreements if violated.  

Reseller must adhere to the published minimum advertised pricing (MAP) at all times.  Reseller must receive written authorization before offering any discounted pricing that is below MAP. 

For any purchases, the agreement of the Parties with respect to any individual transaction shall be set forth in a Purchase Order issued and accepted in accordance with this Agreement.  It is the intent of both Parties that, unless otherwise specified, the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement apply to all Purchase Orders.

Reseller has the right to carry other merchandise; however, they are NOT allowed to carry any other eyewear that has a front magnetic closure, with the exception of CliC “products”.  By doing so, Reseller will be held liable for any financial damages incurred by CliC Goggles Inc.

Supplier shall provide a warranty period of six (6) months for manufacturer’s defects from the date of sale.

Reseller acknowledges that these terms are material and a condition precedent to this Agreement and any failure by Reseller to adhere to these terms or any breach of these terms by Reseller will be grounds for immediate termination by Supplier of this Agreement in addition to all other legal remedies Supplier may have against Reseller.

*By applying, you agree to the terms of our
I have read and agree to the above reseller agreement. I will not sell any "Products" on any online marketplace including, but not limited to Amazon, Ebay,,,, Best,, etc. I am also aware and agree that I will only sell "Products" at the MAP pricing in my retail stores and on my proprietary website.